most powerful smart camera

the most complete intelligent video camera
Based on i1, HandView i2 has more powerful performance, including , Infrared night vision, automatic alarm.
We pursue the technology innovation just for the best web camera.
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Night picture is clear

14 night-vision light effect is stronger
HandView i2 has 14 contact efficient infrared night-vision light,
perfect night zero illumination environment,
6 meters within the scope of the picture is clear,
that people don't notice details, also can fully show.

Alarm message mobile terminal automatic reminders

Infrared detection intelligent alarm
HandView with front distance infrared detectors, linear distance more than 7 meters, 107 ° Angle of infrared detection,
automatic alarm message to the mobile terminal to remind. Can set open time,
according to individual circumstance is close to zero rate of false positives, ensure a higher reliability.

High-speed highDefinition video view

Pioneering and chang technology at a high speedTM
Ithink HandView has the world's first high-speed cheong technology,
through mobile high-speed fluid at 720 p hd video, enjoy the remote speed experience, meticulous scene picture

Two-way high sound quality.

View and talk in real-time.
Extracting pure voice, professional microphone and loudspeaker,
enjoy the high quality conversation, just hold on the talk button
and talk to each other.

Share your lived moments and pass happy

Six channels, share freely
With HandView,
you can capture and share any excellent moment
and interesting video to your family and friends by popular social medias.

Video recording
even without network

Original offline storage
Video recording even without network

Playback at any time

HandView provides an accuracy of a hour,
making you missing nothing and enjoy 720p HD family movie.

Multi-network support,
watch real-time video with 2G

professional video compression
HandView supports all world’s networks, 2G/3G/4G/WIFI,
and provides smooth, standard, high definition video format.
Client has a low-traffic and can work in 2G.

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